Why Is My House Not Selling?

Are you feeling the frustration of your property lingering on the market? It’s a common concern, and I’ve been there too. Let’s address this issue head-on. Today, I want to share three strategies I employ to ensure my properties stand out and sell swiftly in the ever-shifting and evolving real estate market.

1. The Power of Photos and Video

One crucial aspect often overlooked is the impact of photos and videos. In a market saturated with million-dollar listings and $700,000 homes, it baffles me to see fellow realtors snapping pictures with their cell phones. I’m sure you’ve seen it too! If you’re contemplating cutting corners on marketing, think again. Now, more than ever, agents need to lead with value.

Your photos and videos represent the first impression your potential buyers will have. It’s your one shot, and it needs to be a knockout. Invest in quality—from the photographer to the lighting, and don’t forget the staging. The online click is a make-or-break moment; either they’ll visit your property, or they’ll scroll past to the next hundred listings. What makes your property unique? I ensure I’m hands-on with every shoot, paying attention to details, angles, and staging. A recent property I staged and sold in a weekend later took another agent 37 days to sell, and for $15,000 less! The devil is indeed in the details.

2. Why Details Matter

Details matter in marketing. Don’t settle for bland descriptions. Don’t just list; showcase the house with personality. As an investor and a bit of a control freak, I understand the struggle of letting go in marketing, but it’s not the place to cut corners. Even if your property isn’t a modern marvel, highlight its unique features. Work with a good stager if marketing isn’t your forte. Walk through the property like a buyer. Would you want to purchase that house? Think like a consumer, because that’s who you’re appealing to.

3. Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence

In a market where every agent seems to be doing the same thing, how can you stand out? My advice—leverage your sphere of influence. I recently threw an event for a flip I was stressing over. Instead of a traditional broker’s open, I invited over 30 agents, and they loved it. They started posting about it and sending it to their clients. Think creatively; you don’t need a massive following. Engage your family, friends, and community to showcase the property. Beyond open houses and broker’s opens, involve the community to highlight what makes your property different.

In Conclusion:

Selling houses isn’t just about listing; it’s about marketing and innovation. It’s about creating solutions and providing value. If you’re struggling, let’s collaborate. Join our free pre-foreclosure class, where we delve into not just marketing but how to be a solution provider in real estate. Remember, in a shifting market, attention to detail and innovation can make all the difference. Implement these strategies, take the challenge, and let’s sell more houses together!

House Not Selling
House Not Selling

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