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Our team’s streamlined approach has allowed us to close thousands of short sales and help homeowners nationwide. Not only are we the go-to experts in the country, we literally wrote the book on it!



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We have experience with over 48 different lenders and process around 100 short sales every month. With numbers like those, we’ve seen just about every scenario possible; we’d be happy to take a look at yours.

What is a short sale?

A Short sale is when a homeowner has a mortgage balance that exceeds the value of the home and can prove a financial hardship, We negotiate with their lender to sell the property for less than the balance owed and the lender forgives the difference. This allows the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and not have to pay anything.

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Short sales are our niche.

Most Real Estate Agents have no idea how to manage the Short Sale Process. We have highly-trained Real Estate Agents, attorneys, and negotiators who will be fully dedicated to your short sale. We have great relationships with every major lender and direct contact to stop foreclosures. This is important because we have closed thousands of short-sale transactions and have the expertise to handle really difficult negotiations and lenders. The Short Sale Transaction requires an expert and someone who can advocate on your behalf!

We turn no’s into yes’s.

We manage all the paperwork and facilitate the process with both the lender and any other lien holders, to get them to release any liens and take a loss so you don't have to. While you are not getting any sale proceeds, there is a chance we can get you funds from the sale and if it is possible to get you relocation assistance, we fight to get it for you!

We’re passionate about what we do.  

We’re committed to advocating for homeowners, doing everything in our power to avoid foreclosure.
We've helped more homeowners than anyone else. We strive to be your #1 choice in short sale negotiations.

About Us

Nicole Espinosa, realtor, best-selling author of The Short Sale Queen Brokered by Exp Realty, has been processing short sales since 2011. Our operations manager, Stephanie, has been negotiating short sales since 2010. They joined forces in 2018 and expanded nationwide, allowing them to process short sales throughout the U.S.

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“I was coming from the lowest point in my life and you managed to get me through the longest short sale ever. YOU have given me hope and inspiration! Thank you!”

Richardson, TX


five stars

“I didn’t think anyone could help me after multiple loan modification attempts. The lender would not budge. Nicole and her team were able to get the lender to accept a short sale, postpone multiple foreclosure dates and get me funds from the lender at closing to help with moving!”

Winter Haven, FL

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