3 Tips To Closing Preforeclosure Deals and What You’re Missing!

Tips to closing preforeclosure deals

In the world of real estate negotiations, there exists a fascinating and lesser-known truth that often determines the success or failure of deals. In a candid conversation between industry experts, we gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by real estate agents and how they impact the fate of sellers, buyers, and investors alike. This blog post explores cases dealt with by experienced agents as they shed light on the critical factors that influence short sale and preforeclosure transactions and the key to achieving success in this field.

The Challenge of Overwhelmed Negotiators dealing with preforeclosures

In the interview, Nicole Espinosa, a knowledgeable real estate negotiator, and short sale expert draws attention to a surprising aspect of their field of work: With the overwhelming number of files beginner agents handle, including short sales and pre-foreclosures, and the complexity of them, it becomes evident that they are burdened with an excessive workload. As a result, they can only devote adequate attention to a mere 15 to 20% of these cases. The implications of this situation are far-reaching, with a staggering 75 to 80% of homeowners facing foreclosure due to a lack of attention and proper guidance.

The Blind Leading the Blind

One of the most concerning revelations made by Nicole is the notion of “the blind leading the blind.” The negotiators themselves may not possess the expertise or guidance needed to handle the complex array of cases they encounter, particularly in short sales and pre-foreclosure situations. Meanwhile, banks are quick to move on to the next file, perpetuating the cycle of misunderstandings and inadequate resolutions. The lack of clarity and knowledge on both sides contributes to the unfortunate prevalence of foreclosures and other undesirable outcomes for sellers.

The Crucial Role of Complete Information

Another significant aspect discussed in the interview is the necessity of complete and accurate information in the negotiation process, especially in short-sale and pre-foreclosure scenarios. Nicole emphasizes that agents often miss crucial financial details by not asking the right questions or by assuming that certain aspects can be ignored. By taking the time to delve into a seller’s financial history, including past mortgages and liens, agents can make better-informed decisions and offer appropriate solutions, to then be able to complete the short sale process successfully.

Understanding the Motivation of Sellers

Unearthing the true motivation behind a seller’s desire to sell their property is a key factor in successful negotiations, particularly when it comes to short sales and pre-foreclosures. Nicole stresses the importance of going beyond superficial inquiries and genuinely connecting with sellers to understand their circumstances. Sellers may have underlying financial burdens, personal challenges, or emotional ties to their property that directly impact their willingness to cooperate or accept offers. By empathizing with their situation and asking questions in different ways, agents can uncover the truth and tailor their approach accordingly.

Setting Expectations for Success

Perhaps one of the most critical components of a successful negotiation lies in setting clear expectations, especially in cases involving short sales and pre-foreclosures. Nicole explains how being assertive and confidently guiding sellers through the process can significantly influence the outcome. By taking charge and outlining the next steps in detail, Agents instill a sense of trust and reliability in sellers. This approach not only helps sellers understand the process better but also builds confidence in the agents’ abilities. As a result, sellers are more likely to cooperate and commit to the deal, even when facing challenging circumstances like foreclosure.


The insights shared by Nicole Espinosa and Tim Herriage from RCN Capital offer valuable lessons for both industry professionals and those navigating the real estate market, particularly when dealing with short sales and pre-foreclosures. By understanding the challenges faced by agents and recognizing the importance of complete information, genuine understanding, and setting clear expectations, buyers, sellers, and investors can increase their chances of successful outcomes. As the complexities of the real estate market continue to evolve, this expert insight can provide a compass to navigate the intricacies of short sale negotiations and pave the way for thriving preforeclosure transactions.

If you’re interested in learning more about short sales and pre-foreclosures, Nicole’s book “Short Sales Uncensored” on Amazon can be a valuable resource to guide you through the process. Additionally, you can join the Facebook group, the only short sale group worth being a part of, to ask questions and gain insights from experienced professionals. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions or if we can help in any way.

3 tips to closing preforeclosure deals

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