How To Find Pre-Foreclosure Listings For Free

Today, I’m excited to share a valuable resource on how to discover pre-foreclosure listings without spending a penny. Yes, you heard it right—absolutely free. Let’s dive into the details so you can kickstart your journey to finding great deals. Grab your notebook, take notes, and let’s get started.

Unveiling Free Pre-Foreclosure Listings

If you’re eager to explore pre-foreclosure opportunities without making a financial commitment, I’ve got some hacks for you. These methods only require your time, making them perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the world of pre-foreclosures before fully committing.

1. Local County Clerks Office

Start by checking out your local county’s clerk website. For instance, in Collin County, you can visit the Collin County Clerk. This is a daily routine for me, especially during prospecting. The key is to look for new postings related to pre-foreclosure listings.

In non-judicial states like Texas, postings typically occur on the first Tuesday of every month—the auction date. After this date, new postings for the following month become available. Being among the first to contact homeowners increases your chances of having meaningful conversations.

Tip: Act strategically by aiming to be the first or the last to contact homeowners. Those contacted before the rush are more likely to engage in a conversation. Meanwhile, those contacted just before the auction date may be more motivated to make a deal.


Another effective avenue is, a platform that posts city or county listings available for auction. These listings are gold mines, as they feature motivated sellers with set auction dates. Visiting is free, and you can explore the postings without any cost.

To gather additional homeowner information, utilize websites like Spokeo. While it may require a small monthly fee (around $10), Spokeo provides a wealth of information, including contact details and associated data with the property.

Note: While these methods are free, they do require time and effort. You’ll need to manually extract details from listings and conduct further research to find homeowner information.

Taking Action: Reach Out to Homeowners

Once you’ve identified potential pre-foreclosure listings, it’s time to make contact. Reach out to homeowners, expressing your interest in helping them navigate through their situation. If you’re unsure about what to say during the call, check out our free cold calling and texting scripts available.

Your Challenge: Get Started!

If you haven’t ventured into pre-foreclosures yet, now’s the perfect time to try these free methods. Use the provided scripts and share your results in the comments section. How many calls did you make? Did you get any positive outcomes? Sometimes, the hardest part is proving the concept to yourself—seeing real conversations happen.

Remember, don’t feel overwhelmed. Start by gathering information, making calls, and see where it takes you. Your journey might just begin with a few calls.

And here’s an additional invitation: Join our free pre-foreclosure class where we’ll cover all the basics. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get involved, ask questions live, and gain valuable insights. The link is in the video description. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Happy hunting for those pre-foreclosure deals!

Pre-Foreclosure Listings
Pre-Foreclosure Listings

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