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Hello everyone, it’s Nicole Espinosa, AKA the Short Sale Queen, and today I’m excited to share with you some powerful pre-foreclosure texting scripts. As real estate professionals, we understand the importance of effective communication, especially when dealing with pre-foreclosure situations. I’ll guide you through different approaches to texting that can help you get the deal every time.

The Power of Texting in Pre-Foreclosure

Before we dive into the scripts, let’s acknowledge the significance of texting as a communication channel. In today’s fast-paced world, many homeowners prefer text messages as a less intrusive way to communicate. These scripts aim to establish a connection and prompt engagement from homeowners who may be facing foreclosure.

Creating a Foundation: Cold Calling and Layered Marketing

First things first, it’s important to understand the foundation of successful communication. Cold calling remains a potent strategy to establish your credibility and develop your conversational skills. As you get comfortable with engaging in conversations, you’ll find it easier to transition to other communication methods like texting. Remember, a well-rounded marketing approach is crucial to maintain a consistent pipeline.

Crafting Engaging Texting Scripts

Let’s delve into the pre-foreclosure texting scripts that can grab the homeowner’s attention and open up the opportunity for further dialogue.

1. Option: Recognizing Their Situation

“Hey, I noticed you have an auction date coming up. Have you gotten this taken care of? There are a lot of options that are at no cost to you to get it stopped. If you still need help, please don’t let your house foreclose. You have options.”

This script is particularly effective for homeowners who have an imminent auction date. It shows empathy and offers assistance without immediately revealing your role.

2. Option: Personalized Attention

“Hey [Their Name], I know it sounds super simple, but here’s what’s going to happen if someone texts you: ‘Hey.’ What is your first instinct? I want to respond like ‘Who’s this?’ Right? So, ‘Hey,’ I noticed your house is still showing an auction date. Did you get it stopped?”

Using the homeowner’s name in the text can create a sense of personal connection. The playful approach with the word “Hey” can engage curiosity and prompt a response.

3. Option: Concern and Help

“Hey, I’m not trying to sell anything if that’s how it came across. I just wanted to make sure you got the foreclosure stopped. I’m working with two clients in this community right now, and your address came up in a similar situation. This is what I specialize in, helping sellers avoid foreclosure, even if it’s the last minute.”

This script emphasizes that your intention is to help, not to make a sale. It showcases your expertise in assisting sellers facing foreclosure.

Engagement Leads to Education

Once you initiate a conversation, it’s important to build rapport through education. Ensure that homeowners understand their options and the potential solutions you can offer. Listen carefully to their responses and tailor your guidance accordingly.

Responding to Homeowners

  • Ask about the situation: Gain insight into their current financial status and the type of loan they have.
  • Provide conflicting information: If the homeowner received discouraging news from their lender, provide conflicting information to grab their attention and offer an alternative perspective.
  • Share success stories: Mention cases where you’ve successfully stopped foreclosures even close to the sale date.
  • Offer a call: Suggest a quick call to discuss the details further and strategize.

Building Rapport Through Authenticity

Authenticity is key when communicating with homeowners. Tailor the scripts to your own communication style and be genuinely interested in their situation. Always aim to help first, and remember that building relationships is just as important as closing deals.


Pre-foreclosure texting scripts are powerful tools to engage homeowners facing financial difficulties. By approaching them with empathy, concern, and helpful solutions, you can establish a connection and potentially secure deals. Remember, the key is to lead with genuine assistance and educate homeowners on their options. Your knowledge, authenticity, and willingness to help will set you apart in the real estate industry. If you found value in this content, don’t forget to subscribe and engage in the comments. Let’s grow together and make a positive impact in the lives of those facing foreclosure.

If you’re interested in learning more about short sales and pre-foreclosures, Nicole’s book “Short Sales Uncensored” on Amazon can be a valuable resource to guide you through the process. Additionally, you can join the Facebook group, the only short sale group worth being a part of, to ask questions and gain insights from experienced professionals. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions or if we can help in any way.

How to get the deal every time

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