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After taking this course, you will understand the complete short sale process, how to overcome the most common objectives with homeowners in foreclosure, and receive scripts to get started right away!

Avoid the most

common mistakes

Do you know why the lenders agree to take a loss? Do you know why a short sale can be a homeowners best option? Do you know how to get the lender to say yes when they keep telling you no? We go over all of this in the course!

Become Certified

As a certified short sale professional, you’ll be equipped with an understanding of common reasons why short sales fail and different ways you can get your short sale moving again.

If you’re a realtor or investor, then
we’ve got the course for you!

Why You Need This Course

If you’re shying away from short sales, you are missing out on a pipeline of leads. With video courses directly from The Short Sale Queen herself, we’ve got you covered from start to finish so you can get the deal done.

Stop running away from short sales.

Become a short sale expert.

Learn from my mistakes and the hundreds of transactions I have done successfully. This is not your textbook course where you get a bunch of definitions you can’t apply to your business. You’ll get real, actionable information you won’t find anywhere else.

About the presenter

Nicole Espinosa, realtor, best-selling author, and owner of The Short Sale Queen.

Nicole hasn’t always had a passion for short sales.

She got into real estate by accident when she was hired by a broker who needed help running their office. Fast forward a year later, Nicole was running their office and managing four different departments. She was working closely with asset managers, gaining an understanding of how the banks worked and operated.

They were bringing in 150 foreclosure listings a month from all over the metroplex. Nicole knew there had to be something they could do to help prevent these homeowners from losing their homes; they were evicting families who didn’t even realize they had options.

Nicole got her real estate license and left, not knowing exactly what she wanted to do. As fate would have it, her first listing was a short sale. At the time, the general consensus was that short sales never close. She took the listing on, started to develop a process, and the rest is history.

Nicole and her team now manage about 100 short sales a month. They work on short sales all over the country, and have great relationships with every major lender.

To this day, there are still so many misconceptions around short sales. There really isn’t anything out there that will teach you the basics of short sales, how to negotiate them, and all that it entails.


Teaching others to understand their options is why we wrote the How To Master Short Sales book.

It’s also why we put this short sale course together. This course will allow you to understand all that is involved so you can be better equipped to educate your clients, and get the deal done!

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