Short Sale Course – OLD


You Are Missing Out.

If you are an investor, you are walking away from properties with no equity, when you could be helping these homeowners purchase these properties at a DISCOUNT! You are throwing away money by walking away from these leads.

If you are a realtor, YOU need to become the expert! Learn how to navigate this complicated, unknown process, and get more business!Stop trying to re-invent the wheel! Learn from my mistakes and the hundreds of transactions I have done successfully. This is not going to be your textbook course where you get a bunch of definitions that you can’t apply in your business. You are going to get REAL information that you can implement. You will not get this content ANYWHERE else, You are going to walk away with so much information that you are going to become the expert.

After taking this course you will be able to:


Completely understand what a short sale is and how a potential client qualifies


Create a new pipeline of leads for your business


Have a understanding of the basics to process your own short sales


Become the expert in your area when dealing with distressed sellers

My name is Nicole Espinosa, Author of Short Sales Uncensored and founder of “The Short Sale Queen” brokered by Exp Realty.

I haven’t always had a passion for Short sales, I got into real estate by accident. I got hired by a broker who needed help running her office. She was bringing in 150 foreclosure listings a month from all over the metroplex. Fast forward a year later I am running her office and managing 4 different departments. I was working closely with the asset managers and really gained an understanding of how the banks worked and operated.

In my time there I learned so much, and although I didn’t know what the solution was at the time, I knew there had to be something we could do to prevent these homeowners from losing their home. We were evicting 100-150 families a month who didn’t know they had options, it was heartbreaking. Of course what I didn’t know at the time was that everything I had gotten thrown into, would be the foundation for what I do today.

When I got my real estate license and left, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Of course, as fate would have it, my first listing as a licensed agent was a short sale. At the time, short sales weren’t a thing, no one really understood them. The general consensus was that it would never close, iit was a waste of time, etc etc. I took the listing on, and started to develop a process, and 600+ transactions later…here we are.

I manage 100-150 short sales a MONTH. My team and I are working on short sales all over the country, working with pretty much any lender you can think of.

To this day, even though short sales have been around for awhile, there are still SO many misconceptions about it. There really isn’t anything out there that will teach you the basics of short sales, how to negotiate them, and all it entails.

That’s why I wrote my book, and why I put all these courses together. All for the sole purpose to educate real estate investors, and real estate professionals. You need to understand all that is involved so you can be better equipped to educate your clients and get the deal done!

10 reasons you need this course:


You will learn what a short sale is and how a homeowner will qualify. You will receive detailed information on how to identify a potential short sale and how to determine if this is the best route for the seller.


Do you know the different options a homeowner has? If you don’t know what the objections are how can you get a homeowner to agree to work with you? This course will break down all the options a homeowner is presented with when they are behind on their mortgage. We will cover every loss mitigation option in detail to equip you with the understanding of why in most cases, a short sale is their best option.


What motivates a homeowner that loses their home?? Its important to educate the homeowners and not try and sell them. In order to do that you need to know what motivates them to get to the closing table. I will go over in detail the 3 motivating factors and how to identify each one.


Your success is all about asking the right questions. You need to know what information to get from the homeowner that the bank will require throughout the short sale. This course will go over all the information you need to start the short sale process.


Do you know what the most common question is in regards to short sales? “How Long does it take?” In order to really answer this question, you need to understand the process and all that is involved. This course will equip you to answer this question!


Do you know why lenders even agree to take a loss? Why don’t they just foreclose? I will go over in detail the benefits of doing a short sale vs a foreclosure.


Why do short sales fail? Why is it so difficult??? I am going to cover the most common reasons why most agents are not successful in getting a short sale approved.


You do everything right, and yet the short sale is “stuck” How do you get it moving? The average time frame for a short sale can be up to a YEAR! And that’s IF it gets approved. The primary reason being that the agent does not understand how to navigate the process and find a solution. This course will go over different ways to get a short sale “unstuck”.


Do you know the difference between the different loan types?? Every single short sale is different. You could be doing a Chase FHA short sale, and then get a Chase Conventional and have a completely different experience. Understanding each lenders guidelines is extremely important in order to facilitate this process.


If you haven’t done a short sale, you don’t even know where to start. This course will give you the information it took me 9 years to learn and understand. Now you get to benefit from my experience and not have to learn the hard way!