Are you looking to become successful at closing Short Sales in your market?
Are you hoping to specialize in this niche?

Here’s some news for you…this isn’t going to be easy. Short sales are a tough niche that a lot of agents try and try and try, wasting valuable time, energy and resources, doing the wrong things. Then, they get discouraged and some even give up. 

Why does this happen?

Because short sales are the “unknown”.
Not many people understand how to work around a no or how to get the lender how to take a loss.

There are a lot of resources I have made available for Real Estate Agents to help bridge this gap.

Recommended Resources


Short Sales: The Raw Truth Of Closing A Short Sale

Finally a book that explains the ins and outs of what it takes to close the dreaded Short Sale. This book will teach you everything you need to know as the Real Estate professional in such a tedious transaction. This is the uncensored and raw truth about the process it takes to get your client to the closing table!


The Short Sale Queen Brokered by Exp Realty Course

If you are an investor, you are walking away from properties with no equity, when you could be helping these homeowners purchase these properties at a DISCOUNT! You are throwing away money by walking away from these leads.

If you are a realtor, YOU need to become the expert! Learn how to navigate this complicated, unknown process, and get more business!

Mentorship Opportunity

Right now I am offering Mentorship for a handful of agents. I will be opening up my entire business to these agents to  a very selective group on how to build out their own short sale business in their market.

What's Included?


Access to all of our systems and processes


Roadmap on how I built this business 


Training on how to get business in your market and brand yourself as
the “short sale expert”


How to get business without paying for leads


Weekly calls and access to me for questions as you start to implement and build your business

Do You Have What It Takes To Be My Next Apprentice?

If the list below describes you, then you may be a good fit for this mentorship.

  • You have to be Coachable
    Time is the only commodity we have. If you are going to spend your money and time in this program, you need to be open minded and willing to learn new things. Know-it-alls need not apply.
  • Action Oriented
    In life, we are paid for what we do, not what we know. It’s understandable to be fearful when doing something new, but I’m looking for people who can take action in spite of their fears. I want you to be successful, otherwise I wouldn’t even be offering this program, but I cant hold your hand. I will give you the tools, but you have to be willing to take action.
  • Commitment
    Only those who are ready to commit both mentally and financially to achieving success should consider applying.
  • Positive Mental Attitude
    Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.  Whiners/complainers need not apply. You will determine your success.