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We specialize in Short Sales. A Short Sale is when a seller is in a financial hardship due to a variety of reasons (loss of employment, divorce, death of borrower, etc.). In this case the seller owes more than the house is worth and can’t afford to sell their home. We get the sellers lender to take a loss, so the seller does not owe any money in the transaction, avoiding foreclosure. We represent the sellers in the transaction and get paid BY THE BANK.

The short sale process is very complex and requires an expert to navigate the lenders processes. 
With our experience and knowledge of the process, our closing rate is 98%.

We have experience with over 45 different lenders and process over 100 short sales every month.


We can process short sales in ANY market.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • When you call us we will go over all your options. In order to qualify for a short sale you need to prove that you have a financial hardship. In the case of most short sale negotiations, the lender will be looking for a statement of hardship from the homeowners which explains why they need relief and more specifically why the homeowners cannot pay the difference still due on the mortgage after the short sale. Declining property values coupled with a need to relocate or upwardly adjusting mortgages and inability to refinance are the beginning, in many cases, of the financial hardship picture. The declining home property value, increasing adjustable rate mortgages coupled with unemployment greatly defines the downward spiral leaving many homeowners in desperate need to sell their homes. A short sale is often the best option for the homeowner and the lender.
  • Sellers often have an emotional attachment to their home and may feel a short sale offer is too low. It is important to remember a few things. First, the seller in a short sale can never receive any money in the transaction. It should therefore be of little concern what price is offered as long as the short sale is done. The only real exception is when the seller has tax liability concerns. (If there is tax liability, a lower sale price means a larger mortgage relief and a greater tax liability.) Otherwise, the price should not matter to the seller. The important factor in a short sale is whether the lender will accept the price offered. Lenders often accept prices for short sales which may be surprising to normal homeowners or Realtors. Remember, the price will reflect the AS IS condition because neither the seller or lender will make repairs. 

“Financial hardship” is a critical part of the short sale equation. No matter what you hear about banks “not being in the business of owning real estate,” they do not easily give homeowners a break. They require good reason to give a discount for a short sale.

The only reason a lender will agree to a short sale is if they determine that a short sale will net them more money than proceeding with the foreclosure. Understanding the homeowner’s financial hardship plays a major role in the lender’s estimation of whether or not the mortgage will be paid in full. Lenders may make the borrower pay the shortfall if there is no hardship.

The commissions are paid by the lender. The seller will be represented at no cost. 

  • This is known as a deficiency judgment. In the approval letter that will be provided once all terms are accepted by the bank, it will state that the lender will agree to forgive that deficiency. Once the house closes, the seller will be walking free and clear from that debt. This is really important to know, as a foreclosure leaves the seller open to liability.

Customers Reviews

Nicole, Stephanie and their team are the best there is. Extremely knowledgeable, efficient and professional at all times. If you want the best give them a chance to work for you and you will receive first class service like I did!!!! Thank you Nicole and Stephanie for helping me out of a very bad situation. Without you and your team the sale would not have happened!!!
Other agents had failed to get my property sold. Nicole and team had this sold in two weeks. What seemed hopeless, turned into such a blessing. You can tell when experience is represented and it showed. Clear, concise and thorough. Couldn’t recommend more. After we signed on with Nicole and her team, others still tried to gain our business.
I didnt think anyone could help me after multiple loan modification attempts. The lender would not budge. Nicole and her team were able to get the lender to accept a short sale, postpone multiple foreclosure dates AND get me funds from the lender at closing to help with moving. Thank you so much!

My name is Nicole Espinosa, leading nationwide short sale expert, Author of Short Sales Uncensored and founder of “The Short Sale Queen”.