We are your Short Sale Experts. We have processed thousands of short sales successfully. We have a nationwide network and offer FREE help to homeowners who have a financial hardship. We negotiate on behalf of the homeowner and get their lender to take the loss, so they are able to walk away free and clear and avoid foreclosure. The best part is, we get paid by the BANK

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Are you eligible for a short sale?

  • Do you owe as much or more than what your home is worth?
  • Do you have a financial hardship?
  • Are you not able to or soon won’t be able to make your mortgage payment?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are most likely eligible for a short sale.

What Does It Cost?

  • Your mortgage company pays us to represent you
  • The majority of our clients who qualify receive up to $10k in relocation funds.

Will I owe anything after I sell?

  • We will make sure the lender puts in writing that your debt is settled after the short sale. 
  • This means you will have no further financial obligations to worry about once the home is sold.

What do we do for you?

  • We manage all your paperwork and facilitate the process with your lender
  • We work with your mortgage company to take less then what is owed
  • We negotiate to remove any and all liens to be able to sell and cost you nothing

How Long will the short sale take?

  • Every short sale is different, because every homeowners situation is different
  • Our average time frame is 3-4 months

The short sale process is very complex and requires an expert to navigate the lenders processes. 
With our experience and knowledge of the process, our closing rate is 98%.

We have experience with over 45 different lenders and process over 100 short sales every month. 

Here's how to get started:

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About Us.

Nicole Espinosa, Realtor, Best selling author of “Short Sales Uncensored” and owner of the Short Sale Queen has been processing short sales since 2011.

Before Nicole specialized in short sales, she was an REO manager working with asset managers with over 50 lenders. Stephanie is the Operations Manager and has been negotiating short sales since 2010. They joined forces in 2018 and expanded nationwide, allowing them to process short sales throughout the US.

They have successfully CLOSED thousands of short sales and run a nationwide team of negotiators and Real Estate Agents.

Our team is so passionate about advocating for homeowners and helping them avoid foreclosure.

They Say


I didnt think anyone could help me after multiple loan modification attempts. The lender would not budge. Nicole and her team were able to get the lender to accept a short sale, postpone multiple foreclosure dates AND get me funds from the lender at closing to help with moving. Thank you so much!

Tony - Winter Haven, FL

Nicole was able to handle our lender and get an agreement. For several years no one had been able to get them to agree to anything. Amy was also amazing. We never had to wonder what was going on, she kept us totally informed. Now that albatross is no longer around our necks. Thanks Nicole and Team.

Deidre Carter - Cedar Hill, TX

I had a home in Oklahoma for going on 10 years without payment. In military and Chase Bank will not foreclose on active duty members. I was forced to move during the housing market crash and despite my best efforts it would not sell. I had no choice, but to bite the bullet and take care of my family, taking a huge credit hit. After several deployments and a divorce, The Short Sale Queens came to my rescue. 6 months and a pandemic it didn't stop these amazing women from doing EVERYTHING they promised. I am FINALLY not a home owner and it's all due to the hard work of these people. I couldn't be more thankful they stepped into my life. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Jacob - Oklahoma City, OK

Other agents had failed to get my property sold. Nicole and team had this sold in two weeks. What seemed hopeless, turned into such a blessing. You can tell when experience is represented and it showed. Clear, concise and thorough. Couldn’t recommend more. After we signed on with Nicole and her team, others still tried to gain our business. I told them I was with Nicole and their faces would get deflated and they ALL mentioned how great she is. Her reputation is golden. Thank you again Nicole, Stephanie and the entire team.

Garrett - Plano, TX

Coming from a woman who thought she was at the lowest point in her life - having to give up everything I thought I had - and someway somehow- you came in my life... and managed to get through the longest short sale ever... YOU have given me hope and inspiration to become more than I ever was…Thank you for everything.

Charlotte Payne - Richardson, TX